[Inner Mongolia lamb eating method]_ production method _ Daquan

Lamb has high nutritional value, especially in winter. There are many health benefits of eating mutton. Everyone knows that eating lamb is the best lamb on the grassland. The content of lamb is the best.And the cholesterol content is very low. The mutton is very tender and easy to digest. It has a lot of health benefits. What is the way to eat mutton in Inner Mongolia?

There are many ways of lamb chops, but if you want to taste the authentic taste of the Inner Mongolia grassland, you must have cumin lamb chops. Pass the fresh lamb chops over the water, then cook them, add the onion pepperStir-fry, sprinkle with cumin powder at the end, the aroma comes out.

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Reasons for recommending kebabs: Among the many dazzling foods in Mongolia, there is one of the most well-known and delicious snacks, which is “grassing the heart and lungs for thousands of times”, is the famous kebab.

Good lamb skewers start with the selection of lamb. Generally, lamb meat is the main ingredient. The meat is tender and tender, and there is no smell. The skewers are fat and thin. Under the heat of the master of the skewer, the taste is even better.Absolutely.

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Recommended reason for stir-fried lamb: stir-fried lamb is a unique cuisine in Inner Mongolia.

Dish as its name, with 3?
5 months of lamb is the best, the meat is tender and smooth.

Cut the mutton into even-sized pieces of meat, mix with onion, green pepper, red pepper, refined salt, vegetable oil, and stir-fry.

The color is bright and red, and the meat is delicious.

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Recommended reason for Hu Hot Sheep Hoof: Hu Hot Sheep Hoof is named for its spicy taste and is the best cuisine of Hui chefs in the old city of Hohhot.

The color is bright and red, the taste is delicious, and the spicy taste is long. For those who are not hot and unhappy, these delicious flavors are in front of them, and they can completely ignore the eating.

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Recommended reason for air-dried mutton intestine: Air-dried mutton intestine is a dish in Inner Mongolia. It uses fat lamb and good lamb, chopped into fillings, marinated with 20 kinds of spices, poured into lamb intestine, and then air-dried in the sun.

When you eat, you can cook it, cut it into sections, and dip it in a spicy sauce. You can also stir-fry with peppers, onions, and other vegetables. The taste is crispy, salty, and spicy.

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Recommended reason for secret grilled lamb chops: Grilled lamb chops are also a famous flavor in Inner Mongolia.

A selection of finest fresh lamb chops, carefully marinated and fermented by the chef for more than 12 hours, and then roasted with a special sauce.

The outer coke is tender, and the meat is rotten and fragrant. Cut it with a knife and dip it in a special chili sauce to eat. The coke is rich and chewy.

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Reasons for rye wheat: rye wheat is also included in the sale, rye wheat, and roast wheat.

Roll the noodles into a thin crust, roll the noodles into a lotus leaf shape, then wrap them with fresh lamb stuffing and knead them into a pomegranate shape. After steaming in the basket, they will be crystal clear and taste delicious.

When eating, you can season vinegar, soy sauce, pepper and so on according to your taste.

However, slightly wheat is relatively oily, and for girls who want to lose weight, they must control their food intake.

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Recommended reason for roasted whole lamb: It is called roasted lamb chops, roasted whole lamb is more solemn, usually the highest etiquette for receiving VIPs. In ancient times, only the royal relatives had such courtesy.

Roasted whole lambs are placed in a kneeling position on the inner end of a large dish with a diameter of about 1 meter.

Put it in the mouth, dipped in cumin and paprika, and put it in the mouth. The skin is crispy and meaty, not fatty, and tastes layer after layer.