China Athletic Association: 2019 Xiamen Marathon-related offenders banned for two years
On January 14, 2019, the Chinese Athletics Association issued the “Notice on Additional Violations of Hu Xin, Liu Haiqing, Xu Zhuhao, Chu Yingjun, and Wen Shengyong in the 2019 Jianfa Xiamen Marathon.”According to the notice, the above five persons shall be punished for scoring in all certification events of the Chinese Athletic Association for two years; the time of attention shall be from January 6, 2019 to January 5, 2021.  The notice said that after investigation, in the antique 2019 Jianfa Xiamen Marathon on January 6, the entry number J29739 Hu Xin and the entry number D00190 Liu Haiqing transferred the number cloth for private use, and Xu Yihao and Chu Yingjun used other people’s numbers.Wen Shengyong entered the track for non-competition.  In order to ensure serious competition style, ensure that the competition is fair, just, healthy and orderly. The organizing committee has cancelled the results and rankings of the above five people. It is forbidden to participate in the goals of the Xiamen Marathon Organizing Committee.The Athletics Association makes the following additional statement in accordance with Article 6(3) of the China Territory Marathon and related sports style management regulations: the above five persons shall be punished for two years and shall be banned from participating in all certification losses of the Chinese Athletics Association;From June 6 to January 5, 2021.  The China Athletics Association proposes that it will resolutely deal with various violations of regulations and disciplines in accordance with the rules and regulations and the “Regulations on the Management of the Chinese Marathon” to purify the playing field.It is hoped that the majority of participants can jointly maintain the competition and a healthy environment for the development of the Chinese Marathon. Original title: Two-year ban on national competitions!Firefighters added weight to the run and suffered additional losses