Nominations for the 2015 Lawrence World Sports Awards announced February 12th In 2015, the Lawrence World Sports Awards came to China for the first time.Yesterday, the list of finalists was announced in Shanghai: C Ronaldo, Hamilton, McRoy and other six people will compete for the competition for the best male athlete; the retired Chinese tennis Jinhua Li Na was nominated for the best female athlete of the year.The Lawrence Awards ceremony will be held on April 15th at the Shanghai Grand Theater.李娜(资料图)2015年劳伦斯世界体育奖  11日,劳伦斯世界体育学会主席爱德温·摩西、著名足球教练法比奥·卡佩罗及中国体坛三位风云人物——李小鹏、杨扬、孙雯The list of nominated finalists was jointly announced.  Li Na was nominated for the Best Female Athlete Award. This is Li Na’s second nomination for the Lawrence World Sports Award. The 2011 French Open won Li Na’s finalist award.This year, along with Li Na, tennis star Williams, Sochi Winter Games gold medalists Metz and Bjorgen, New Zealand shot putter Adams, Ethiopian track and field athlete Di Baba.  Regarding Li Na’s shortlisting, Moses said that Li Na is a pioneer in the Chinese tennis world, bringing fans many exciting memories on the best platform, and at the same time inspiring the younger generation as their role model.The selection of the Lawrence Award is not just about dazzling achievements, but more about the impact and significance of its victory.The Lawrence Award hopes to convey the concept that ‘sports can change everyone’s life and have the power to change the world’.Moses said.2015劳伦斯世界体育奖提名名单(部分)最佳男运动员提名  德约科维奇 网球  汉米尔顿 F1  马奎斯 摩托车  麦克罗伊 高尔夫  C罗 足球  拉维莱涅 撑杆跳最佳女运动员提名  亚当斯 田径  比约根 北欧式滑雪  迪巴巴 田径  梅兹 高山滑雪  李娜 网球  威廉姆斯 网球最佳团队奖提名  莱德杯欧洲队  德国足球队  F1奔驰车队  皇马  马刺  瑞士戴维斯杯网球队