Li Jiahang starred in the script “1818 Golden Eyes”, born to be a comedian
“Research shows that a person who lives to the age of seventy will have at least 90,000 lies in his life.”The light comedy” Heart Hunter “, which is popular on iQiyi, talks about Dai Meng (Li Jiahang), Liao Duoduo (Wang Yuexi), Hua Sheng (Chen Xijun) from the private universal consulting service company” DaiThe three people of “Duohua” form a folk “deception trio”, who are entrusted to solve various disputes in love scenes, shopping malls, workplaces, vanity fairs, and grow up in the process of breaking lies and seeking truth.Sauna, Night Net interviewed director Tian Yi, screenwriter Zheng Dongying, for the “nickname” that netizens called the “1818 Golden Eye”, Zheng Dongying said that “Heart Hunter” focuses on the livelihood of the people’s livelihood and has a natural sense of the net.And “sand carving style”, so netizens will call it “1818 Golden Eye of the Drama”. “If netizens feel that they are not addictive or disgusting, we will definitely accept criticism and advice with an open mind.”The Heart Hunter” stills.The picture comes from the network selection: “Crack the case” does not touch the criminal case, focus on the reality of people’s livelihood Response: Make an easy-to-tune “suspense” drama “The first does not touch the criminal case, the second has to control the pay and control the salary, the third temporarilyI didn’t think about it.In the first episode, when faced with the invitation of the teammate Hua Sheng to jointly solve the case, the actor Dai Meng made it clear.”Don’t touch criminal cases” directly shows the positioning of the “Heart Hunter” case: people’s livelihood.The first event in the opening episode of the show was that the rich man was “leaved by a fairy” by a strange woman. After Dai Meng’s reasoning, he reversed the lie to uncover the truth. On the surface, it seemed that the rich lady was in a situation for the divorce property.In fact, the rich wife’s democracy has been subjected to domestic violence by the man.In this case, topics such as derailment, “fairy jump”, property disputes, domestic violence and other livelihoods were included.In addition, the events involved in the play “occurred” also included the money-laundering girl who tried to harvest “bread” through a love training institution, but she was sincere in getting along with the boss; the star who longed for freedom reduced the use of online public opinion.The oppression of the brokerage company was also exposed to online violence due to underground romance; the strong woman who managed the company in an orderly manner never suffered from the warmth of her family.The non-criminal case as the main line of the story “Hunter of the Heart” covers health products fraud, fan chase stars, business scams and other people’s livelihood stories. It is not the same as the suspicious “heavy case” in everyone’s impression, so some audiences jokedIt is called “The Script 1818 Golden Eye”.In the view of director Tian Yi, the highlight of “Heart Hunter” is that it is different from the traditional “suspicious case-solving drama” in the traditional sense. The style of the suspense drama is currently tough, and the audience watching the drama is to recover the relaxed state of mind.The screenwriter Zheng Dongying said that for stories involving suspicious reasoning, the audience seems to be accustomed to serious and heavy bloody violent plots. With homogenization, it is better to create differences and produce a relaxed and suspicious suspense series, which involves the level of people’s livelihood.There are actually many social topics that are worth exploring, and they also have suspicious and suspicious elements.Stills of Heart Hunter.The picture comes from the network style: “Exploration” process “easy and bright” response: comedy is to reconcile and serious correction to help people go to the toilet in advance, no money to pay rent and make excuses, the gym has to play tricks as a actor, wearingMeng is a modern-looking, genius micro-reaction analysis expert with an inner “loose wave”. He debuted with an “irrational” temperament.Although each case originates from a lie, the process of “detecting a case” is “easy and bright”, and there is even a lot of “playing the upper body”.Dai Meng and Liao Duoduo pose as a couple in order to dismantle the true face of the green tea son who specializes in goldfish-in-law, Dai Meng and Liao Duoduo pose as a couple; in order to disassemble the true face of the female fishing net turtle, Dai Meng and Liao Duoduo pose as a couple;Sheng mixed with women dressed as women.”I don’t want to express the things that are bitter and hatred in my life in a serious way. I feel a little more absurd. Lies are ridiculous,” said screenwriter Zheng Dongying.As an original script, most of the stories of Heart Hunter are arranged and lived. As early as the preparatory stage, the producer had bought members “ambush” in the emotional large group, and the screenwriter Zheng Dongying also exposed that he had “lurked” in the emotional public account.Members.Screenwriter Zheng Dongying believes that by focusing on current social hot events, many plots may be able to respond to everyone’s daily life and achieve the effect of a smile.In the view of director Tian Yi, “Heart Hunter” itself is a light comedy with a suspense question section. Each unit case has a reversal and becomes a star case. The final change let everyone know that it is a center game.”The whole is expanding the values to be conveyed with a relaxed tone. Comedy is used to reconcile severe distortions, which is also a breakthrough.”People: The genius micro-reaction analysis expert who loves the small and cheap, responds: Li Jiahang is a born comedian script, the actor Dai Meng played by Li Jiahang is a genius micro-reaction analysis expert, he resigned from his office because of a” mistake “.Into his father’s huge debts, life plummeted.In the opening chapter, Dai Meng rushed to the hotel scene and went to the toilet before going to the unused dental appliances. Someone can’t help but think of Zhang Wei who played in “Love Apartment”.Li Jiahang was very funny.The picture comes from the Internet and talks about the choice of actors. Director Tian Yi said that Li Jiahang is a born comedian. He has many ideas in comedy performances, including lines, rhythm and character status.”He is very similar to the character I saw in the script at first.”For example, Dai Meng’s vulgarity is reflected in his casual and free life, the kind of not caring, or not caring, Li Jiahang is just such a person.According to Tian Yi, at the shooting site, Li Jiahang would randomly find a sofa at the scene when the film crew was preparing for a close-up shot of the light and lay there.”I sometimes wear headphones, and the wireless microphone on Li Jiahang’s body is not turned off, and then I suddenly heard him singing there himself. He is a player who really likes improvisation on the spot.”Theme: The warmth and restraint behind lies: coping with lies and routines, you can still believe what you believe.In the play, Dai Duoduo has been an “iron powder” for many years. After the appearance of idol black material, her first reaction was to believe in idols.After confirming that the “perfect idol” did not perform well, she did not hesitate to expose the truth and dismantle the idol mask.As the film says, “Lies are part of people’s daily lives.”Focusing on the current social phenomena and putting on the” sand sculpture “shell, the reference to the real topic discussed by Heart Hunter: What is the truth?What is a mask?How to define between truth and mask?According to the screenwriter Zheng Dongying, in the preparation of the “heart hunter” script, I checked a lot of information, and also read a lot of lies to replace the episode, which also contains male and female emotional deception.In order to “experience life”, Zheng Dongying also deliberately joined a group of members of the emotional public account, “They have a variety of exchanges every day, I will be lurking inside, a lot of life problems will appear, the instructors will teachHow do you deal with this situation.There is such a saying, since ancient times, the true feelings can not be retained, only the routine is popular, in fact, many of them are talking about this routine.”Zheng Dongying said, turning these” communications “into fun stories to tell, especially after you have gone through lies and routines, you can still believe what you believe.” This is the idea we hope to convey through Heart Hunter. “”Sauna, Ye Wang editor Liu Na proofreading Lijun Li