Dialogue with Dong Mingzhu: Cancellation of the provident fund consumption recovery in advance depends on employment
In the evening of April 29, Gree Electric ‘s chairman and president Dong Mingzhu said in an online interview with Sauna and Yewang that the epidemic could be regarded as a natural disaster, with 90,000 employees earning more than 20 in three months ‘salaryBillions.This is a huge pressure.However, she also said that the difficulties must be faced by everyone. When the government gives enterprises resources, enterprises must exert their own efforts.In response to the report on the Oaks air conditioner, Dong Mingzhu said that he was going to buy products from various enterprises and took them back for testing. If he found that they were unqualified, he would still report them.In addition, Dong Mingzhu has not yet reached the current hot spots such as “Lucky Financial Fraud” and “Li Guoqing Fighting for Official Seal”.For the former, she said that being a person should be honest, and good companies cannot rely on the stock market to create value; for, she believes that compliance with laws and regulations is the bottom line for everyone, and legal weapons must be used to solve problems.The initial live broadcast starts at 8 pm and ends at 9:30. Baidu, Kuaishou, Douyin, Sina Weibo, Tencent News, Zhihu, Toutiao, B station and other platforms have carried out video relay.Dong Mingzhu: This epidemic made me lose 5 pounds. Dong Mingzhu said in an interview with Saiyan.com, “The biggest feeling for this epidemic is that I lost 5 pounds.”For the reason of thinness, Dong Mingzhu said,” If you are worried about the average person, then for me, it is thinking. “”Dong Mingzhu thinks,” This epidemic can be regarded as a natural disaster and a irresistible disaster.Gree lost 30 billion in sales in the first quarter, which was a big shock.Without sales, there is no income, and without income, there is no profit.But the salary of 90,000 employees is still on, and the salary in three months is more than two billion.This is unprecedented for us and a very huge pressure.Dong Mingzhu said, “In front of the epidemic situation, we don’t simply consider how much profit the enterprise has, but how to keep it up.I think we must first solve the problem of survival, take care of the employees of the enterprise, and face it together with the enterprise.”At this time, I calmed down to think about how Gree Electric’s main business will develop better in the future.”Using this time to speed up technical research, the new energy efficiency products of air conditioners are a process of transitional substitution, so there are still many things to do.Only in terms of gain, the loss is relatively large.Dong Mingzhu said that for the first time in 30 years, Gree encountered such a real challenge.Dong Mingzhu believes, “The market is the key to liquidity, but workers are unable to work and have no income. How should this market be leveraged?So we still have to solve the employment problem.Everyone must have a job, which is the reason why Gree Electric has not laid off staff until now. If it is really difficult to do so, we would rather reduce the salary and not lay off staff. The solution is to deal with them together.”Restructuring and resumption of production, and various places have placed consumer coupons to promote economic recovery.Dong Mingzhu said, “I don’t think consumer vouchers are the only way, they are only temporary, and they cannot be sustainable.The key action to encourage consumption must be employment, and solving employment is the fundamental problem.”The government fights public opinion, the first one is well-known.”The second is to help. Certain statue banks provide low-interest loans to difficult enterprises and those producing anti-epidemic products.I think it is very effective, and the company’s funds can flow.But I think there will be downtime, maybe not too long.Dong Mingzhu mentioned.Gree’s making 600,000 masks a day is a kind of social value. “600,000 masks are produced every day, but 30 billion was lost in the first quarter. How much is the average loss in one day?How many masks a day?Add up to one or two million, which is not comparable to the income of air conditioners.”Dong Mingzhu mentioned that Gree can now produce 600,000 masks per day, instead of 10 million masks per day, 20 million masks per day, not on such a large scale, because I think I am just a green leaf, which is used as a foil and supplement.Did not really turn it into a main business.”It is more of a social value as a big company.”Dong Mingzhu also said that Gree Health Medical Equipment Company was established to specialize in medical care, such as goggles, masks, and temperature guns.”In the process of making mask equipment, although it seems very simple, but it is very particular, it is still a bit technical, and it needs to be hard.”However, compared with the truly high-end medical equipment, we still see little.”Dong Mingzhu said,” This year’s small appliances are actually very good. “Everyone is bored at home, maybe turn on the TV and find this little thing is fun, buy one for two or three hundred dollars.If there are 100 million people buying it, there will be a tens of billions of markets. Like our 1.4 billion people, we have an average of 100 yuan per person, which is 140 billion.”Dong Mingzhu said that for the epidemic,” difficulties must be faced by everyone, but when faced with difficulties, we actively respond to them and come up with solutions. “Or, if you fall down, go to the government and let the government hurry to save me.”” Even if the government has given us more resources, if we just lie there, we still cannot get back to life.When the government gives enterprises resources, enterprises must exert their own efforts.”” Prepare to buy air conditioners from various companies for testing, but still report unqualified. “Recently, Gree reported that the unqualified AUX air conditioner products have come out. Will Gree continue to report unqualified products in the future?Dong Mingzhu said, “The handling of Oaks is necessary, this is an explanation to the society.But I hope that every company will build a conscientious enterprise, and don’t be deceived.If Made in China wants to go global, it must match our national image.Enterprises should have the responsibility to do well themselves, and also to monitor the market boldly.According to the requirements of the State Administration for Market Supervision, we are now ready to start the supervision between enterprises.”If it is found that Aux has a non-conforming product, do you continue to report?Dong Mingzhu said, “I not only bought Oaks, I am going to buy products from various enterprises and take them back for testing. If it is found to be unqualified, we still report it.We also ask others to buy our products, conduct testing, and supervise. We must be willing to accept others’ supervision.This is to promote social progress. Every individual should do something to promote the progress of the industry.”Dong Mingzhu said that everyone thought they could not get along with Oaks, in fact, it was really not a problem, and they did not say that they wanted to” completely die “it, hoping that it could clearly realize that the energy efficiency level could not be reached, the only deception problem, And even touched the bottom line. Dong Mingzhu said that if this continues, such damage will cause more companies to follow in the market.If you want to keep low prices and low prices, you must cut corners.In this way, it is impossible to promote social progress, but instead repeat or even completely backward.”My image is not good. I said outside that I am aggressive. Do you say I don’t fight?Without saying anything, how can we make progress?”Dong Mingzhu said that when Gree participated in the discussion, the principle bottom line of his lectures with technicians was that technological upgrades do not rely on cutting corners to reduce costs, but this cost must be reduced while ensuring product quality.“Every Gree employee has one suite and introduce Huang Qifan to cancel the housing provident fund,” Dong Mingzhu said, “I will also mention the relevant content of the provident fund this time at the National People ‘s Congress.I think we can remove the provident fund and liberate it.I don’t think this provident fund is necessary. Like our company, it doesn’t need it at all. Every employee sends a suite.Dong Mingzhu said that Gree Electric already has 3,700 houses, and a group of employees will be able to move in immediately.Talking about Gree’s recruitment of 5,000 college students this year, and Gree employees’ per-person suite, some netizens questioned whether there is still a place for entry, and whether it can be divided into houses?In this way, Dong Mingzhu replied that, of course, there are investment opportunities now, especially for fresh graduates.The feedback information to me said that we must recruit more college students from Hubei School.The outside world thinks that if the students in Hubei cannot recruit or try not to recruit, but I do n’t feel this way, and he has not been infected with an infectious disease.”Of course there is a chance to be assigned to the house, but this year it is impossible to say that I will live in a suite immediately, but there must be room for him.Because we only have more than 3,000 sets, but we have 90,000 employees, and there are 40,000 at the headquarters, and there is still a construction process.Slowly, step by step, I will eventually achieve the goal that my employees must be one person per suite.Dong Mingzhu said.Does Gree have so much money to build a house?As of the end of 2018, Dong Mingzhu once said that there was no suspense in revenue of more than 200 billion that year, and he further proposed the goal of achieving a turnover of 600 billion US dollars in the next five years.When the epidemic hit, did Dong Mingzhu adjust this goal?On the evening of April 29, Dong Mingzhu said, “Re-examination of the growth target does not mean that we are not fighting because we don’t measure by numbers now. 600 billion is still my goal and it has not changed. This is for our government.A promise.”” If we change the goal because something happened, it means there is no direction and the goal must not change.I’m doing my best. If the goal is not achieved, it’s just a little bit harder.But if you set what you can get now, where is the goal?That is not a goal.”If the live show’s first show is not card, more than 200,000 sales will have to add a zero.” For the first live show with a few days ago, the network compares the card situation, some netizens question whether Dong Mingzhu has arranged another live showthe plan of?In this way, Dong Mingzhu explained, “Although the card was very bad that day, a lot of people also scolded me, especially many of my investors kept sending me text messages saying why this happened?”If you don’t have a card, you didn’t sell 200,000 yuan that day, you might add another zero or more later.”In particular, I pushed the corona virus purifier, even the card, and some people placed orders to buy several sets, to prove that everyone is actually well-known for health.Dong Mingzhu said.”I think my purpose is not to promote goods, but to popularize knowledge.In fact, the concept is still different. Through this experience, I know where the tens of thousands of dealers are and how to do it.So I think that after this experience, I will have another experience, and even open tens of thousands of me into a live broadcast store.Dong Mingzhu said.Some netizens questioned that they worried that the quality of online products and offline stores will be different.In this way, Dong Mingzhu replied, “I think this netizen should have encountered problems in online purchases.Our purpose of bringing goods is not to use a new model so that consumers can more directly enjoy the quick response brought by online sales.But often you can’t see the real product online, and when you get something, it may not be the same as what you see, what you say.”This is what I just said. If we do online, the word integrity must not be forgotten.”So for Gree, there are no different products on the line, the quality is not the same, it will never happen to me.”Dong Mingzhu is outstanding.Talking about “Li Guoqing competing for the official seal”: Both sides want to use legal weapons to solve the problem. Enthusiastic netizens question Dong Mingzhu, how do you view the recent event of Li Guoqing competing for the official seal of Dangdang?In doing so, Dong Mingzhu said, “The truth of this matter is clear. Although the media said that he was robbing the official seal, I think only the two of them know the situation inside. I think it is very important to act according to law.In both of them, I feel that it is a matter of property division, and each one needs to use his own legal weapon.”I think compliance with the law is the bottom line for everyone, but the economic disputes that occurred before, or if they were divorced, can also be partners, not couples, or partners.”I think everyone must respect each other and give it to anyone.Dong Mingzhu thinks.In response to the recent progress of Ruixing Coffee’s financial fraud, some enthusiastic netizens questioned Dong Mingzhu, what kind of suggestions or advice to counterfeit companies?Going forward, Dong Mingzhu said, “I still have one sentence. It is most important to treat everything in good faith.”If a fraudulent enterprise has no credibility in one’s life, is this person still valuable?For partners and shareholders, you can’t deceive at all, even if there are problems, you should tell the truth.You are telling lies that you want to keep rising through false information, from which you may have benefited all the time.But I hope that a good company relies on products to create value, rather than relying on the stock market to create value.”Sauna, Yewang Chen Weicheng promised interns Dana editor Xu Chao proofreading Jia Ning