Compared with the Zhang Xiuwei incident, the Football Association’s response to Zhang Lu was much faster this time
The drunk driving of Tianjin Tianhai player Zhang Lu caused an uproar today. Within a few hours after the announcement of the alert, the Chinese Football Association announced the decision to replace Zhang Lu.Compared with the treatment of Zhang Xiuwei’s drunk driving incident two years ago, the Football Association’s response speed changed this time, and the degree of deviation decreased.Zhang Lu’s international career may be terminated.Photo / Osports On August 15, 2017, Zhang Xiuwei, who was in Tianjin Tianhai (then the Quanjian Club), was drunk while driving and crashed into six cars.On the day of the incident, the Tianjin police announced the situation, but the Tianhai Club only responded 5 days after the incident, that is, on August 21st, saying it would severely punish Zhang Xiuwei and had reported the situation to the Chinese Football Association.Timeline of the results of the Chinese Football Association’s handling of Zhang Xiuwei’s incident.Unlike the Zhang Lu incident, which only took a few hours this time, the Chinese Football Association ‘s opinion on Zhang Xiuwei was only announced on September 14, 2017, one month after the incident.In that announcement, the Football Association only said that it would suspend Zhang Xiuwei from participating in the official football event organized by the Chinese Football Association, so as to treat Zhang Lu like this time, he directly canceled his qualification for training and competition in the Chinese national team.The Football Association ‘s ticket for Zhang Xiuwei appeared again on January 30, 2018, more than five months after the drunk driving incident.Only once, the Football Association did not supplement the drunk driving incident itself, but replaced Zhang Xiuwei ‘s age fraud: from September 19, 2017 to June 18, 2018, he stopped participating in the official competition held by the Chinese Football Association for 9 months.Compared with Zhang Xiuwei (left), Zhang Lu (right) is not so “lucky”.In the case of suspected Zhang Xiuwei, the reaction speed of the Chinese Football Association is much slower than that of suspected Zhang Lu.During the period when the Football Association rebuilt brewing doubts, the Tianjin court made a judgment in the court case.On December 15, 2017, the Tianjin Heping District Court announced that Zhang Xiuwei was sentenced to three months ‘imprisonment for suspended driving and three months’ probation, as well as a gold payment of 8,000 yuan.On October 6, 2018, 22 years old Zhang Xiuwei was selected for the national team for the first time after the drunk driving storm passed the year and two months later, and the road to the international team was affected in the future.Zhang Lu, who is now deprived of his international qualifications, may not be so lucky.Although the Football Association has not set an upper limit, for Zhang Lu, who is 32 years old, returning to the national team is already more difficult.Editor Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Wang Xin