There are no male ping pong players in the Chinese table tennis stadium
Recently, Liu Guoliang was announced that he will no longer serve as the head coach of National Table Tennis and will become vice president of China Table Tennis Association.At 7 o’clock this evening, the national table tennis team members Ma Lin and Wang Hao, team members Ma Long, Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong, and Chen Qi collectively voiced on Weibo: At this moment, we have no intention of fighting. just because I miss you Liu Guoliang.What is moving is that although there is no national table tennis men’s team at the ongoing Chinese Table Tennis Open, the fans pulled up the banner with the table tennis king and the country’s pillars at the ticket office and shouted: Liu Guoliang,We miss you!In the stadium, before the start of the Malone game, fans also shouted Liu Guoliang at the scene.  In the men’s doubles semi-finals of the Chinese Table Tennis Championships this afternoon, Xu Xin/Fan Zhendong lost to Zhang Benzhi and/Zuo Zhiyong missed the men’s doubles final.In the evening, the ITTF officially announced that Malone had withdrawn from the game with Yushima Oshima.