[How to make sweet and sour shrimp]_Recommended diet

Sweet and sour shrimp has a sweet and sour taste, and the shrimp is tender and delicious. It is a common dish. Coupled with golden color, it increases people’s appetite.

Shrimp is rich in protein and trace elements, which can supplement the nutritional components needed by the human body, eat properly, and also play a role in calcium supplementation.

Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the specific method of sweet and sour shrimp, and you can make it at home.


After cleaning the fresh prawns, remove the inedible parts and remove the shrimp intestines.


Add cooking wine to the shrimp to remove the fishy smell.


Chop the ginger and shred the shallot.


Add oil to the pan, add the shrimp after the oil is heated, and fry the prawns and turn red. You can remove the drained oil to prevent the prawns from being fried for too long.


In a clean container, pour an appropriate amount of starch and water to make a starch juice.


Stir in watercress sauce, ground ginger, and spring onions in hot oil, add fried prawns, and stir-fry.


Pour in the starch juice, add the right amount of white sugar, you can also add a few drops of honey, it looks appetite and rich color.


Then pour vinegar, soy sauce, salt and other condiments, stir evenly, and collect the juice into a thick shape.

In fact, you can also melt the rock sugar in a hot pot to dilute the sugar and color the prawns, which tastes better.

In addition, if you like to eat chili when making sweet and sour shrimp, you can add some chili fragrant appropriately and decide according to your own taste.

Be sure to grasp the time and heat when fried prawns, so as not to confuse the pot.

The above is the method of making sweet and sour shrimp, which is prepared according to your own taste.

In accordance with the above-mentioned practices, and pay attention to relevant matters during the production process, I believe you can make delicious sweet and sour shrimp.

Compared with the sweet and sour shrimp made by restaurants, it is clean and hygienic, which can also ensure that it is safe to eat.

Coupled with the rich nutritional value of the shrimp itself, many people like it, you can try to make it.