9 female generals 9 medals Tokyo worth looking forward to
In this World Track and Field Championship, the female generals performed well overall, but Liang Xiaojing and other female relay team members also left regrets.Figure / Osports The 2019 Doha Athletics World Championships ended yesterday. The US team topped the gold and medal lists with 14 gold, 11 silver and 4 bronze. Using the outstanding performance of Liang Rui, Liu Hong, Gong Lijiao and others, the Chinese track and field team finally won 3 gold3 silver and 3 bronze, ranking fourth in the medal list, the number of medals tied the best record in team history.  Before joining the World Championships, the Chinese track and field team expressed its dedication to surpassing the previous results, and the Chinese track and field athletes successfully completed the task.Despite the regrets in the women’s javelin, men’s and women’s 100-meter relay, but the overall performance exceeded expectations, which also made the team full of confidence in the Tokyo Olympics next year.  Women’s Team Tokyo Olympic Games Gold Medal Many Chinese teams won 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze in the current World Championships, 3 gold medals second only to the 1993 World Championships, 9 medals to tie the record of the 2015 World Championships, can be described as a bumper harvestTo a large extent, we would like to thank many female players for their stable performance in women ‘s walking and women ‘s throwing events.  As a traditional advantage of Chinese track and field, despite the challenges of the local hot weather, the women of the walking team will overcome the difficulties and show strong dominance in the Doha stadium. The women ‘s 50km and 20km walking are two projects for the Chinese team.Get 2 gold 2 silver 1 copper.  Women ‘s 50km race, former world record holder Liang Rui and teammate Li Maocuo, gave almost no other opportunities to win the championship and runner-up with a huge advantage, Liang Rui won the first gold for the Chinese team.There are Rio Olympic champion Liu Hong and London World Championship champion Yang Jiayu sitting in the town. The Chinese female general has a clear advantage in the women ‘s 20-kilometer walking race, and finally won the championship runner-up.  Women ‘s throwing is also an advantage for the Chinese team. In the women ‘s shot finals, Gong Lijiao, who played as a defending champion, was not challenged too much and won two consecutive world championships; Liu Shiying and Lu Huihui, although their last shot was reversed by their opponents, were stillThe Chinese team won the silver and bronze medals of the women’s javelin; in the women’s hammer final, Wang Zheng also stood on the podium.  Less than 10 months before the opening of the 2020 Olympic Games, the results of this World Championship reflect the overall strength of the Chinese team this Olympic cycle.Next year in Tokyo, the Chinese track and field team will take a 20-kilometer women ‘s walk, women ‘s shot put, women ‘s javelin and other events to the gold medal.  Since the Olympics temporarily do not set women ‘s 50km races, the Xinke World Championship champion Liang Rui is likely to compete directly with Liu Hong, Qiyang Shijie, Yang Jiayu and other celebrities, and strive to form the strongest goal for the Olympics; Lu Hui will break Asia 3 times this seasonThe record, in the end, only won the bronze medal in the World Championships, as long as it is adjusted to the best state, she is still very competitive in the Olympic arena.  As the two-time World Championship champion, Gong Lijiao successively won the bronze medal of the 2008 Olympic Games and the silver medal of the 2012 Olympic Games.In the early morning of October 7, Gong Lijiao, who returned with a reputation, was interviewed at the sauna and Yewang.on.Therefore, I hope to make up for the regret in Tokyo and stand on the highest podium.”The men ‘s team sprint and the host ‘s wrists are on the women ‘s team. The performance of the men ‘s team in this World Championship can only be quite satisfactory. In the men ‘s 50km, 20km, long jump, 110m hurdles, 200m, etc.In the project, the Chinese team won a number of top eight.In particular, Xie Zhenye and Xie Wenjun achieved breakthroughs in the men’s 200m and 110m hurdles respectively.  Xie Zhenye successfully broke the men’s 200m Asian record this season. He brought his excellent form to the World Championships and became the first Chinese player to break into the 200m finals of the World Championships, and finally won the 7th place; Xie Wenjun also became another one after Liu Xiang.A Chinese player who broke into the men’s 110-meter hurdles of the World Series, won the fifth place.  However, for the Chinese men who have repeatedly won gold and silver in world competitions, the performance of this World Championship is not ideal.Japanese players took the men’s 50km race and 20km gold, but no Chinese players stood on the podium.Niu Wenbin, Luo Yadong won the 4th and 5th place in the men ‘s 50km race, and Wang Kaihua won the 8th place in the men ‘s 20km race.  The Chinese men’s sprint also experienced a very difficult world championship. Su Bingtian suffered from a broken waist this season. Liang Jinsheng suffered a foot injury before the relay preliminaries. Xie Zhenye missed the relay final due to a leg injury. This has affected the players in their individual events to a certain extent.As well as the relay project, Xie Zhenye and Su Bingtian stopped the 100m semi-finals. The Chinese team finished 6th in the 100m relay.  Similar to some of the men’s race walking, the Chinese team was also suppressed by the Japanese team.In the 100m relay preliminaries and finals, the Chinese team lost to their old rivals. The Japanese team ran 37 seconds and 43 in the final. Standing on the podium, they also broke their own Asian records.  ”The men ‘s 100 meters and the relay of the Tokyo Olympics, as well as the 200 meters of Xie Zhenye, everyone who has the ability to meet the standard has already reached the standard, and other young athletes have been working hard.”In the view of Su Bingtian, the Chinese team has the strength to break the wrist with the host,” next year’s 100 meters and 200 meters, I hope to be able to compete in full. For the relay, as long as all the main forces can be on, I hope to run into 37 seconds 70, looking forward to usAble to go to the next level.”