World Championship Day 6: Ren Qian hits the third gold ten-meter platform China Double Insurance
On the sixth competition day of the 2017 World Swimming Championships, Ren Qian and Si Yajie will play in the women’s single 10-meter platform finals, and Ren Qian strives to win her third gold medal in the World Championships.In addition, the men’s single three-meter board will compete in the preliminaries and the semi-finals. Cao Yuan and Xie Sicheng play together.  The women’s ten-meter platform jumped, and the Chinese team was distinguished by Ren Qian and Siya, the runner-up of the Olympic Games last year.In this year’s four-stop diving series, in addition to Ren Qian’s major mistakes at the Canadian station, he lost to Australia’s Wu Liqun and only won the third place. Both of the other three races were replaced.On the whole, Si Yajie performed more steadily, winning three championships and one runner-up, but there are still some variables in this project. After that, the last world championship was won by North Korea’s Jin Guoxiang.  In the preliminaries and semi-finals, the performance of the two Chinese players was not very stable. Ren Qian ranked first in the preliminaries, and Si Yajie made some minor mistakes and ranked third.In the semi-finals, Si Yajie played well and ranked first. Ren Qian made a mistake at 207C (throwing backwards for three and a half weeks), and made mistakes in this action as in Canada, but because the opponents are also inMistakes, Ren Qian was promoted as the second preliminaries.  In the end, Ren Qian and Si Yajie’s main opponents were North Korea’s Jin Guoxiang and Australian player Wu Liqun. However, the key to winning the championship and even winning the championship and runner-up is still in their own play.Ren Qian officials won the mixed doubles and women’s doubles 10 meters platform champion, women’s singles is the third gold of personal impact, Si Yajie is also expected to become a double crown, the two who play more stable may reach the top.  In addition, the men’s single three-meter board will have two rounds of preliminaries and semi-finals. Cao Yuan and Xie Siyi play.In the Air Force men’s double three-meter board, Cao Yuan/Xie Sicheng led the way. After a serious mistake in the fifth jump, they were overtaken in the last jump and eventually won the runner-up.With a single three-meter board, the two should be determined to win. Preliminaries and semifinals are not a problem.  In the open water, women 5 km, Chinese players Qu Fang and Lei Shan.Synchronized swimming determined the gold medal for single free choice. The Chinese team did not participate in this project. Russian player Koreshnikchenko competed with Spain’s Karl Bonner and Japanese friend Kiko.The Chinese team will play in the preliminaries for the freely chosen collective game. Original title: World Championship 6th: Ren Qian hits the third gold ten-meter platform China Double Insurance