te great wealth, carried from the investment, together with the details都市夜网 on sales, but also allow readers to relish.

  At the same time, leaving many readers focus of attention, is Pei East can be turned into a giant spider web of emotions.
  At first, he and Pei East engaged in the male Pei East just graduated from a difficult period, both with him walked side by side, with hardship fiancee Cui Xiuli, the only drawback is that appearance is not amazing, people’s thinking can not keep Pei east of the pace is too petty, ordinary day thrift, do not know to enjoy life.
  Pei East, means a turning point in life, looks beautiful female university student Yang Qiuqiu given her was in the most dangerous time is to save Pei east of Pei East admired, fire and water without any hesitation, weakness of character her, surrounding, there are many bad peach, always need Pei East to help fight face to solve.
  Intermediary 上海夜网company president’s daughter, when Pei East to just rise, they found his body flashing light, offered exceptional promotion, giving Pei East directly into the woman zone manifold opportunities, she and Pei East very understanding in business thinking, regardless encounter any crisis can be resolved calmly, in addition to too good and strong, rarely a sign of weakness, almost no problem.
  Due to my parents’ home buyers, and Pei East unexpected acquaintance of domestic first-line female star, on the property picky her, due to the critical gas to go a lot of people, can Pei East always accurately work out her preferences, and the corresponding recommendations, behind after the other up his own company, but also take the initiative to let her become the spokesman, the two disputes deeper.
  Of course, the reader is naturally divided into various factions, have cried the whole collection, there is shouting Weak water three thousand take a spoonful – but this part, which also is in the end to take a spoonful a good quarrel with each other last, readers express their view

ercent of former employees if the store can not be before the end of the performance, he will be directly laid off.

  He concealed the great pressure of all, working like mad to want to complete the performance, but this is not so easy, the real estate market freeze, he was not eloquent man, also not excluded out, only looked at the performance chart replacement of a single day, his name is constantly down, also at this stage, his fiancee and their family home to discuss things from a marriage, both sides of an old man decided to bite the bullet, help out an richest man, as for the couple to rely on loans , consi苏州龙凤网der for future fertility, the two prospective buyer of the chamber is not small, the loan down, a month deducted from fund also had also ten thousand dollars, this time, Pei East can not say no, did not dare say no, he hit off the teeth and swallow the blood, got drunk one night, drunk, he is courageous, saved was taken away almost a rogue girl, were stabbed himself, he thought he was dying, but after waking up may, new life opened the door to him –
  He won the super salesman systems, the function of this system need to upgrade experience, in short, that is, by the performance upgrade, provide a variety of functions, including the analysis of designated customer psychology, to provide the best programs, etc. , can be said to be tailor-made for the Pei East, he disbelief, to bind up the shop after successfully learned to the real needs of customers entering the shop and their bottom line through the system, and soon the right medicine, provide a complete after signing the best listings performance, after which the houses, for him, is no longer a problem.
  This famous to become famous in the sense of cool upgrade flow, after Pei East opene深圳桑拿网d a cheat, a large open square, all my colleagues to question on his leadership, outsiders, old classmates are all beaten face, and finally beats, he also passed this He has accumulated great wealth, and later direct accumula

that darn son!

  Pei East to feel a little head full of fast overflow of joy, he laughed silly, but I do not know why, I suddenly feel a little shudder, who say that they like to hear bad things about the same, but it must be that he wants more, he naturall南宁桑拿y frank, never quit things offend people!
  Pei Naochun can clearly recall, after entering the dark space to see the soul, that was the one on the older people, who are wearing a costume, the material should be silk and the like, as well as pay attention to the Obscure embroidery, glancing it valuable, can be more attractive than with him this a dress, but he was always frowning, never let go of the brow.
  That soul sighed: “I am in this life, not able to manage my son, so that he made too much evil, eventually hurt someone else,” he smile, “the child does not teach, the father of the final analysis, strange I had not been able to persuade him in a timely manner two.”He seems to be hiding something in his heart, then, of a sudden, I heard only the sound of sigh, hidden in a sigh, looming, dignitaries listen carefully to hear clearly, as if to say:” At that time, I thought this is a good thing.”
  This time Pei Naochun to enter, and is a standard Soviet cool the male romance called “The system of super salesman,” the title made a little cheesy some, but also to attract readers, the article is about, the male Pei East is a common intermediary 深圳桑拿网agency, he was kind-hearted and simple, do not like fraud, overstated, the cause has been flattening out, their performance in the entire area stores only be considered moderate, although wages sufficient in energy as a second-tier cities?City based, can also not do too many things, Pentium III, he had a just engagement fiancee Cui Xiuli, the home of the father also ran six or older gradually, there are old, and is about to establish their own families Pei East to pressure pole large, but encountered the inauguration of the newly established real estate group layoffs, thirty p

an take good housekeeping, looks am not too picky , but not too short, it would lower gene, genetic afraid; there is a well-behaved child.

  The son Pei East to bring back a wife, being means the beginning of this good life.
  However –
  ”Dad, 南宁夜生活网I’m back.”Pei east had even on the plane was delayed time and fortunately this time very punctual, smooth feel no one does not like, he took his classmate and lover of Cui Xiuli all the way along through unimpeded into the house and saw my father’s face could not help but give birth to a bit excited, a door will be playing a cheerful greeting.
  ”East, you come back.”Pei Naochun just out of the kitchen, which had a table ready meals, renowned for his son happy, grin, ‘Yes, you is not gotta explain to me.’He bent his eyes smiled enthusiastically looked at his son with the girl behind the.
  Pei East followed behind, it is Cui Xiuli, she studied at the East Pei and the same professional hair shawl, with a black-rimmed glasses, not too thin, can definitely not fat girl, laugh together, full of sweet asked to see any who will pra杭州桑拿ise the way, this is a good little girl, Pei Naochun know, Cui Xiuli indeed an earnest, gentle and well-behaved nature, is a particularly good girl.
  ”Dad, this is my girlfriend Cui Xiuli, you and I said.”Pei from the East to introduce girlfriend, red cheeks are infected, even subconsciously some of the same hand with the feet, and some may faint and dad show off feeling like a child every time a test hundred points, they have valiantly high-spirited home meal was praise for the job.
  ”Nice, come, come.”Pei Naochun greet her son and future daughter, never seated stand up, take the initiative to meet her full of their welcome.
  His eyes fairly good, can clearly see, son held out his hand clutched around Cui Xiuli hands and two children, as one, all eyes full of love.
  Seeing this man, who can think, which is not only able 苏州桑拿网to get a couple of people Finally, it also became estranged couple?
  Do not blame him for

er hand, not Afghanistan late, she find a way to put money back to Afghanistan late did not say, give him the best repairing an asset down.

  No matter what age, the house is really better than money.
  Jiang Chi hanging down eyelids, eyelid haze slowly dispersed, he looked up and serious look to the Nguyen rain, seeing that she is not a joke, nor lie to his appearance, his face slowly dispersed hostility he suddenly raised his right hand little finger to deliberately sprang up, “retractors!”
  Nguyen rain eyes wide open, “A late, how old are you?”A year just met lateWhen the child is always in one place waiting for him, every time to go, worried that she would not come, it will rain again and again and patiently A late retractors, told him it was both of them signal, this 杭州龙凤网chapter cover, she’ll be back.
  A late are sixteen, and also with her retractors!
  Jiang late unmoved, adhere to the “retractor!”
  Nguyen rain helpless, still held out her hand, two seriously finished pull hook.
  Jiang late irrepressible upturned mouth, his eyebrow Mao Yiyang, “milk malt extract allowed to others, but not allowed to go out of hands!”Wild boar gone, not even milk malt extract can not hold.
  City people say, if the family’s children grew up drinking milk malt extract, inevitable plump.
  Amid this time lost, we should drink plenty of milk malt extract we go, can you lean down lean in to make it up.
  Nguyen rain If I knew the river late in mind, it will certainly brats to curse meal!
  Glowing is not good!
  She wanted to lose weight it!
  I want to wear the clothes into the minimum code.
  Author has t北京会所体验网o say: Thank you for my little angel cast out of King ticket or nutrient solution irrigation oh?
  Thanks to cast [mines] little angel: Xiao Juzi, lazy one;
  Thanks to small irrigation [nutrition] angel:
  Please call me Pa Pa 88 bottles; 40 bottles forgotten; 1234,24870978 20 bottles; 15 bottles of fat squirrels; {.Mosho无锡夜网u share of love, rabbit sector big brother, 2470533210 bottle;

blood is not bad, Dad you do on the back of pine nuts baked corn is also南宁桑拿 OK.”

  Then Pei Naochun naturally mouthful should be good, but this morning, he bought food like this –
  Couple of pounds of beef, pork ribs a couple of pounds, baby vegetables, mushroom, oyster.In short, as long as some control, you will find no-show last night as this is the East Pei, Pei Naochun asked if he thought for a moment, would only say: “These fresh vegetables.”
  If encountered outspoken child, chances are it will spot some hate: “What do you ask why do I want to eat what?You do not cook watching?”
  Ahem, perhaps this is the legendary, life needs a little sense of ceremony?Ah, well-founded, convincing.
  Before long, they also Pei Naochun to home, his hands and feet neat, his wife left early, Dangdie mother who is always much more to learn something, no matter the home cook, sew, clean up, organize, that had to be L苏州桑拿aopei things dry for a long time, he also became a household decathlon, the thought of the new wife to the door, which the original body of the chest full swing are excited, in order to ease the mood, that alone would be dragged Pei Naochun eight hundred back, they sent did not let him make a wax sparkling, and even picture frame hanging on the wall, are split down a lot of good clean, spotless.
  Pei Naochun break breath, did not hold back, held out his hand over his chest, with a bit reluctantly said: “Old man, you calm down, this first wife does, you previous life, encounter more than a dozen a wife, not his own death to naughty?”
  Original body as a single father, and his CD worried about his late wife, the biggest obsession, is to pull adult son, for the son to arrange a good life after properly, according to the city’s large universal concept of the “good life”, which means that there is a good job, wages may not be too high, but certainly not the pension problem; car and house, as there is no credit actually does not matter; there is a virtuous Shukutoku wife, that c

ore Row.

  Pei Naochun last night he received a son Pei east of the phone, his son said, his plane this morning, no later than half past twelve will be able to get home, but also to the time together with a girl, in the meaning of these words, as long as listen to nobody do not understand, with his girlfriend to see parents, often means the beginning gonna get married, we all know this truth, Pei Naochun will be ready early in the morning up.
  To speak of the devil, Pei Naochun on the front shirt pocket phone sang Square Dance Divine Comedy, then adjust the volume up high佛山桑拿 estimate across the road can vaguely hear, after all, how many old people have a hard of hearing problems, open the phone, on top of that size it is an enlarged version.
  ”Hey, East, what?”He answered the phone, with a smile on his mouth, Pei Naochun hand holding this phone, is the son out down in the old Kurtis, this kind of thing on a smartphone, this rule has always been pressing to , anyway older, phone no pursuit, but also not to use xiaonianqing so versatile, send a message to answer the phone, coupled with micro that can use most fashionable letter no problem.
  Pei East also up early, he was dragging luggage on the way to pick up his girlfriend, while now there is effort, they also call on the father: “Dad, I am nothing, that is, and you say, I am so on nine twenty aircraft, I now pick up Mary, and so we set off.”
  ”北京夜网Ok, I have this ready, do not worry, dad waiting How about you!”Pei Naochun also bent, smiling eyes, he glanced ahead basket, and my heart can not help some guilty conscience, the original body that everything is good, for one thing, like many parents, has a natural talent dodge all the needs of children.
  For example last night, he specifically asked his son to eat something, not how old your mother’s gone Pei East which will be polite and father, mouth came, like in the comic staged a reported name of the dish, he casually point: “I want to eat small Pork, Duck Soup, fried pig’s

ractions of the city, even there is no well-known dishes, if you really want said advantage, it is probably北京会所体验网 the pace of life works slowly, and the intimate relationship between neighborhood.

  Of course, because of these reasons, it also led to the loss of population in recent years to more serious problems large city, mostly just graduated xiaonianqing, rather bite the bullet, eat bitter, is not willing roots, after all, back home , is facing the fight?Fold salary and straight up, everyone knows unreasonable, but also how prices are not falling down; which is why, here confined to a strong traditional atmosphere, there are many popular point of view and on different networks, in which the residents, each of these will have to abide by common rules take over day.
  Malaysia on the road early in the morning, accompanied by upbeat music sprinkler Pentium forward, which the rain descends sprayed with water mist to both sides of the road, pedestria北京桑拿ns are all terrified, like a vicious dog was running as hard as rear-end forward, vibrant , may also not always escape the fate of being a good “patronize” in all likelihood will be sprayed on such a body, secretly scolded unlucky they can not do other.
  Pei Naochun shuffles his bicycle followed behind sprinkler, he is good luck, found in the sprinkler, he is in a position to come, rather more slowly this point, do not want to be an “artificial rain”, bike the head of the mesh basket filled with red thin section of black plastic bags, inside he is just back from the purchase of the food markets, like him ran six old men, they also have less sleep habits, even if you want Lai bed as a young man can not do, but since to get up early, then justThe family dishes be resolved, the sooner the market of food is always fresh to the.
  Said a woman上海419同城对对碰 like shopping, a stroll up endless, and men will always be a hit, the target is selected to do the procurement, can buy food comes on, and then we stood in the same front, had to shop around bef

ivial, if you want to record my achievements, as marked in the credits the way, not only the best of luck in my life, as well as efforts do not just expect good luck trying to forget it, to see the future of these you, encourage each other.”

  [Twenty-second world qualifying examination.]
  Author has to say: △ purely fictional science and technology, theory, literature wander also see white head Jen do not understand the science knowledge.
  △ stop here just right, documentaries comment below, hips, save on paper where we need to pay everyone’s points, I feel old to write this particularly fast and a little water is not good!
  1L: Only the best of luck Pei 666 Fairview
  2L: forward this Koi, as long as you work hard it will be harvested.
  3L: negligible change the world ← Gangster modesty really a bit frightening.
  4L: encou北京桑拿rage each other!Although I do not know what my IQ is 0 and encourage each other with big brother.
  5L: I was born with no talent ← I suspect that the real-name, big brother is there any misconceptions about normal human talent ah damn, we ordinary human beings, simply pass the test B City University, also do not understand 北京风月网what materials science!!!
  6L: Gangster corners overtaking is our graves drift, we need to work together to seize the opportunity for rebirth.
  7L: thank big brother to listen to the words of my father!Or perhaps today we still like the same as twenty years ago!
  8L: So, do not digress, we all work together!Gangster need to work, not to mention you and I do?Do the opportunity to hit in the head, you can not catch.
  △ above, while forward koi, I hope you trying to run, when Lady Luck hand, you will not fall Oh grasp!← I am today, it is Chicken Soup Jen!

160 Chapter tie!You have to single-minded son, ah!(One)?(two)
  Large city in the whole?The province, only be regarded as second and third tier cities, if the covering to the whole of China, probably only one row in the middle, what is by no means here lies the well-known tourist杭州桑拿洗浴 att

y everyone combined, the two collision with countless sparks of inspiration, on北京桑拿ce again promoted the further flight of domestic science and technology.

  And then, the country has no longer been called foundries, they do not only with well-known commodity, appear on the list of foreign trade, domestic and international trade is one of the top stream technology products, at that time, power has been off,南宁桑拿论坛 no one can stopped reins.
  Pei created a miracle of Fairview, just sitting there, to cover the tuck old father, to accompany him looked just aired an episode of costume drama, smiling, waiting for her husband to come back from the lab, the two together hand in hand to buy dish.
  Until Fairview Pei passed away, a documentary about her has finally been aired, it’s not just for the protection of her mind, still respect her personal wishes, but refused to let her low-key leaders early in the tens years ago to allocate funding requirements of the domestic official documentary team, personal follow, record bit, to let the world never forget the lady.
  Named – the documentary “beautiful masterpieces of Powers key”, and throughout all of PEI’s beautiful “rainbow fart,” as long as people have seen this film, all mouth open, marvel at深圳桑拿网 his side that there are so many things , comes from her wisdom flicker, even the wells have to help drum up support for the idea together, such a person, it should be remembered that more people.
  But still elegant in a documentary last, who had some white hair, a beautiful woman just out of the lab, she stood in the doorway of the large trees in front of the lens opening:
  ”In fact, I was born no talent, just a bit of luck, my dad told me that people can not just rely on good luck to live, do not build enough strength, good luck fell on the head when you did not catch law in this long-distance race in life, and I brought him, never stopping, mad to move forward, fortunately, every opportunity to overtake, I have the honor to seize.”
  ”I do are tr